Career in Nursing

Nursing is the most gratifying, diverse, and flexible career. There are numerous opportunities to expand your career in a wide variety of fields and specialities such as in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, ambulatory care, occupational health, and community health centers, schools, clinics, camps, and shelters. 

As a nurse, you are given the privilege and delicate responsibility of caring for the injured, sick and dying. This gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by giving care to others in their time of need.  When you are a nurse, you are involved in some of life’s most meaningful moments. This may even include assisting with bringing a new baby into the world and handing the child to its mother for the first time.

Having a career that you can depend on for a stable financial future is very important. It is also even more satisfying to get paid for the career that is personally rewarding.

Another major reason to choose this career is Job Security. Nurses are in need no matter where you may choose to live in the future. According to statistics, the job outlook for nurses is expected to grow by 16 percent through 2024, which is faster than average for other jobs.

A perk of being a nurse is that you have flexibility. Nurses are needed in hospitals, nursing facilities, and other places where healthcare professionals are needed. You also have the ability to choose what you want to specialize in, whether it be taking care of the elderly or working to educate your community.

On a daily basis, nurses do so much for so many. Whether they’re helping patients, comforting families, teaching students, or working with hospital administrators, their days are often packed. No matter where you work or what type of nursing work you do, it all contributes to make a difference. 

Professional respect, flexible job opportunities, advancement potential and the chance to make a difference in people’s lives are just some of what it offers. Nursing is a responsible and rewarding career, but it is not always easy. It’s important for students to recognize that like any field, healthcare has its share of challenges. The work is exceptionally gratifying, but it can also be demanding. Developing skills such as stress management, listening skills, compassion, and inner strength can help nurses face the daily challenges of their chosen career path.

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