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Welcome to Sushrutha Institute of Nursing

Welcome to Sushrutha Institute of Nursing

Sushrutha is the name of the father of modern medicine. As the name implies, here at Sushrutha Institute of Nursing, we meet tradition with modern medicine.
The Institute offers courses from Diploma to Post Graduation in Nursing - All under one roof.

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Why to choose a career in Nursing?

Nursing is a profession dedicated to caring for others and only few careers are as personally rewarding as nursing.
Choosing to become a nurse can provide you with a job that provides personal fulfillment, job security and flexibility.

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Courses we offer

Our Specialities

We believe in Discipline, Quality and Professionalism.
Our vision is to focus on the students, giving them education and skills so they can perform better in both profession and in life.

Discipline, routine, is the mantra of success and its a mantra for our education. A person with discipline can achieve success in life.

Quality of education is the secret behind success. Our focus on quality ensure that our students are way ahead of their competitiors.

In this era of global opportunity, our eduction focus on the same. Our system is making professionals to compete the global opportunities.

"Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses...
we must be learning all of our lives"

- Florence Nightingale
Founder of Modern Nursing

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